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Governmental Defense and Law Enforcement Manufacturing

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Saber Manufacturing

Saber Manufacturing, is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of precision metals (i.e.; brass, steel) components and munition that has developed an unrivaled process to yield high quality components and end-use products at extraordinarily high production levels. Our Missouri Company was founded 2018 by a highly-qualified team of practiced entrepreneurs with expertise in business operations, executive management, manufacturing production and inspection and global sales development.

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Industry Growth

The global market is expected to reach $26 Billion USD by 2025. In the next five (5) years this industry is projected to grow to a thirteen (13) billion-dollar industry in the Law Enforcement Market based on data sourced from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), IBISWorld estimates and the US Census, which also increase the market in the Precision Metals Manufacturing industry. This all based on a sharp increase in security responsibilities by federal and state enforcement agencies.


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