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About Us

 Saber Manufacturing is a manufacturer of precision metal components and munitions for military and law enforcement agencies. 

Our Organization primarily manufactures the Saber Premium brands of Saber Premium 99 (50BMG) | Saber Premium 108 (12x7x108) | Saber Premium 14.5 (14.5x114) and the ‘” Saber LE” small caliber for Law Enforcement Ammunition Series.’ 

Saber Manufacturing does take on specialty size rounds as well upon volume requests.

The vertical integration of production and distribution will enable the Company to provide from law enforcement and military brokers sales as well as direct distribution for B2B & B2G sales.


The global market is estimated at a six (6) billion-dollar industry present day. In the next five (5) years this industry is projected to grow to a thirteen (13) billion-dollar industry based on data sourced from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), IBISWorld estimates and the US Census, the Precision Metals Manufacturing industry. This all based on a sharp increase in security responsibilities by federal and state enforcement agencies. 


  • NAICS 332992: Ammunition Manufacturing

  • NAICS 332993: Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing

  • NAICS 332999: All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing


Our Technology

Easy. Fast. Secure.

Saber produces high-quality brass/steel casing and projectile cup for special law enforcement and military caliber munition rounds in the industry at exceptionally high production levels.

Our process begins with annealed brass tubes which are final drawn and necked to size through a series of presses, wash & dry equipment, cutting, turning, and piercing equipment, and annealing furnaces. Projectile Manufacturing and Assembly Line is a cell that begins with the lead wire being extruded through a horizontal press to create the bullet cores.  The bullet cores are then fed through a collator into the assembly cell.  The bullet jackets are drawn tubes (like the case line) which are then drawn, washed, and rinsed before being fed via a collator into the Bullet Assembly Press.

The Company accomplishes this by using state of the art precision metals press. This system, in addition, allows high-quality inspection equipment at various stages, enforcing strict quality standards with components and raw material commodities suppliers within an innovative plant.

 This section of the business allows Saber to occupy both precision and standard markets, while concurrently fulfilling large government contracts and mass retail demand in the law enforcement and military industry. Further Saber has aligned with numerous domestic & foreign import/export brokers who specialize in precision metal components markets as well as munitions opening the doors to sell. 

Primary Production System Components

  • Brass | Steel Press System     

  •  Projectile Press System | Cups and Tubes

  • Multi-View Visual Inspection System        

  • Tip Painting System | NATO Standard

  • Chemical & Metallurgy Laboratory


Our Process


Munition and Ammunition

Military Ammunition and Law Enforcement Ammunition Rounds
(Ball | Tracer | AP | Incinerary | Plus)


14.5x114mm (.57 Caliber)

The 14.5 x 114mm (.57-Caliber) is a heavy machine gun and anti-material rifle cartridge. Base Diameter 26.95mm | Neck Diameter 16.5mm | Shoulder Diameter 25.50mm | Rim Diameter 26.95mm


12.7x108mm (.51 Caliber)

The 12.7×108mm cartridge is a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and anti-materiel rifle cartridge. It is used in the same roles as the NATO .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) cartridge. The two differ in bullet shape and weight, and the casing of the 12.7×108mm is slightly longer, and its larger case capacity allow it to hold slightly more of a different type of powder.

12x7x99 Ball Rd 50c.jpg

12.7 x 99mm (50-Caliber)

The .50 Browning Machine Gun (.50 BMG, 12.7×99mm NATO) is a cartridge developed for the Browning .50 caliber machine gun in the late 1910s, entering official service in 1921. 

The cartridge itself has been made in many variants: multiple generations of regular ball, tracer, armor-piercing (AP), incendiary, and saboted sub-caliber rounds. The rounds intended for machine guns are made into a continuous belt using metallic links. The .50 BMG cartridge is also used in long-range target and anti-materiel rifles, as well as other .50-caliber machine guns. 


Law Enforcement & Military Ammunition Manufacturing

The munition manufacturing portion is two-fold, manufacturing and distribution. The organization manufactures three (3) premium military ammunition types and brands being 12x7x99 (50BMG), 12x7x108 and 14.5x114 (57-Caliber)(see above).  These larger caliber rounds used by law enforcement and military agencies specifically.  Our ammunition is not sold on the civilian market and are only available to law enforcement & governmental agencies. Otherwise sold only to licensed ATF and FFL manufacturers. Further data (specification & pricing) can be provided upon request.

Production System Components

  • Priming System

  • Loading System

  • Sealing System

  • Belt and Linking System

  • Conversion Changeover Kit(s) (x99 | x108 |x14.5)

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